2019-11-27 08:28Press release

Budbee enters a new partnership with ASOS

2019 has been a year of tremendous growth for Budbee with new partners, merchants, and geographical expansion. When entering the last quarter of 2019 Budbee ́s customer-centric last-mile delivery service was available to more than 25 million customers. With the latest geographical expansion to the Netherlands, Budbee took yet another step towards the European market. The service Budbee provides is now available in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands.

Providing a personal service to the customer is at the core of Budbee's mission and by doing so, e-commerce businesses get a unique value to their customers. Large fashion brands such as H&M, Boozt, NA-KD, and Lindex are already offering Budbee ́s service. The company is now happy to announce another global partnership - ASOS, one of Europe's e-commerce giants within fashion!

”We are really happy and proud that ASOS decided to offer our customer- centric last-mile service to their customers! I am sure that Budbee will add even more personal touch to the shopping experience and in the end - happier customers!”

- Simon Strindberg, CCO, Budbee

“We are happy to announce we are teaming up with Budbee in Sweden. The Budbee Home-delivery service will be a great new option for our Swedish customers!” - Riccardo Mannhöfer, Delivery Solution Manager EU, Asos

As in 2019, Budbee will continue its rapid journey, further innovation and expansion are closer than you might think. The ambition is to continuously roll out new services/features to make the online shopping experience even smoother.

“2020 looks really exciting! I don't want to share any details just yet, but what I can promise you is that the whole Budbee team won't slow down! Our service will become even more personal with new features/services and become available to even more customers.” - Simon Strindberg, CCO, Budbee

About Budbee

Budbee is a technology company that operates a modern last-mile logistics service specialized for e-commerce businesses, we have chosen to call it Logtech. Budbee has been breaking new grounds since 2016 by introducing the next generation home deliveries. Today we offer our services to more than 25 million people in Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and Finland.