2020-12-04 12:51Press release

Budbee’s Black Week

Budbees self-sufficient terminal in Stockholm. Budbees self-sufficient terminal in Stockholm.

Increases deliveries by 200% while keeping regular lead times

An increasing amount of people do their shopping online. This trend is visible at Logtech company Budbee, which has seen a 200% increase in parcels during Black Week compared to last year. Despite the tremendous growth, the company maintains as good as normal lead times. 

The global pandemic has had a boosting effect on the e-commerce industry. Compared to only a few years ago, the number of companies handling e-commerce deliveries has grown considerably. 

Budbee is one of the fastest-growing companies in Logtech. They deliver e-commerce parcels to six out of ten Swedes and over 26 million people across their markets in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland. The company has invested in smooth and fossil-free deliveries. During the last year, Budbee went from 10% to 97% fossil-free deliveries in Sweden. 

During Black Week this year, Budbee delivered 200% more parcels compared to last year. High customer satisfaction, expansion of delivery zones, and a product very suitable to the current global situation are factors Budbee thinks played an important role and are, therefore, the reasons behind the high volumes. 

– The volumes for Black Week this year have been higher than our forecasts. The increase in volumes also came a little sooner than we anticipated. Despite this, we have managed to deliver almost all parcels within our typical lead time, says Simon Strindberg, CMO at Budbee. 

Preparations for the upcoming peak season started already in the spring for Budbee so that they could adapt their capacity to meet the increased volumes of the peak season. Before Black Week, Budbee hired more than 100 new employees, built more logistics centers, and partnered up with more couriers. The company has increased its sorting capacity ten times, thanks to their five new sorting machines. 

– We can see that our early preparations have paid off, as we can continue to offer deliveries within our normal lead time. Now, the week after Black Week, consumers should expect that the delivery time might be 1-2 days longer than usual, Simon Strindberg continues.

About Budbee

Budbee is a technology company that has created a cutting-edge logistics service for e-commerce. We call the combination of technological innovation applied to solve for logistical challenges - logtech. Since 2016, we've revolutionized home delivery by enabling our customers to decide how and when they get their deliveries. We provide innovative, flexible delivery services to more than 25 million people in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. We're a dynamic, fast-growing business, committed to creating the best online shopping delivery service on the market!